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Shards design magnetic board in studio setting

We love creating new repeat patterns and our 'Shards' design has been a lot fun to piece together. It's original inspiration comes from a love of mosaics teamed with a desire to design something stylish and geometric that would look stunning in any room in the home such as the kitchen, study, child's bedroom, teen room as well as offices, hobby rooms and other workspaces.


It's actually based around a hexagon which you can probably make out (don't stare to closely it'll make your eyes go funny!). The fun part was choosing the colours. If like us, you love a colourful home then this design is perfect. The idea was to design tones of one colour and then introduce a pop of contrasting colour. You might think that the colour names are a bit random but that's just what they look like to us. The colours are 'Concrete and Yellow', Cotton Candy', 'Ocean' and 'Summer'.

Shards Magnetic Board - Summer

Shards Design Magnetic Wall Art Panel in 'Summer'

Shards Magnetic Board - Concrete & Yellow

Shards Design Magnetic Wall Art Panel in 'Summer'

Shards Magnetic Board - Cotton Candy

Shards Design Magnetic Wall Art Panel in 'Summer'




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