#6 ways to be kind to yourself with help from your magnetic board

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It's that time again where we start going on about getting organised, making plans and sorting things out for the coming year. This year, however we think we all need a break from resolutions that get forgotten and 'to do' lists that never get done.

After all we've been through over the last couple of years we could all do with finding ways to stay positive and motivated during 2022. So say hello to Jan-you-ary and put yourself at the top of the list.

#1 Motivational Quotes

Quotes that inspire and motivate have become super popular in the last few years. They're everywhere you go on social media but there are two good reasons for this: a) they inspire and b) they motivate.

There are several ways you can use a magnetic board to inspire you everyday. You could opt for one of our motivational quote designs like this one by Lao Tzu 'A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step'. Or you might prefer a different design and either write a quote with a dry wipe pen or attach a quote on paper with a fridge magnet. You can even create your own using a favourite quote and make sure you share it with us as we would love to see your ideas.

Lao Tzu Quote on a Magnetic Notice Board
Quote of the Day on a Black Millefiori Magnetic Notice Board

#2 Encouraging messages to your family (or yourself!)

Sometimes in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life we forget to say 'well done' or offer words of encouragement when they're most needed. It may be something small but for the recipient, seeing a message of congratulations can make their day. And don't forget, if you stepped up to a challenge or achieved something you've been aiming at recently, get it up there on your board to remind yourself how awesome you are.

example of an encouraging message on a Magnetic Notice Board

#3 New ideas and challenges

Try not to put any negative vibes on your board to kick off 2022. Don't keep telling yourself not to do certain things, instead focus on the things you do want to do. Write a list of positive things you would like to achieve. This might include a new creative challenge, like starting a new course or joining a book club. Or perhaps you want to catchup with your friends more often. It's amazing how quickly we forget all those good ideas and intentions. If you've got them where you can see them daily you're more likely to take action.

#4 Healthy recipe ideas and exercise planning

Whether you are taking part in Veganuary or just following a more balanced diet, it helps to attach some heathy recipes on your magnetic board for a little inspiration. And you never know, it might just inspire someone else to cook them for you!

If like us, you have lists of lists on all your devices and multiple boards on Pinterest with workouts and exercise ideas, then maybe like us you forget about them and rarely actually do them. Use your magnetic board to attach your favourite 'go to' workouts and challenges. And don't forget to add some mindfulness and meditation notes too.

Red chillies Magnetic Notice Board in a kitchen setting with fridge magnets

#5 Share your feelings

The written word can be more powerful than the spoken word so share your feelings with those close to you on your board. You can write on all our magnetic boards with a dry erase marker. Communicate to your loved ones how you're feeling by jotting a note down and you might get a cup of tea and a chat when you need it most.

#6 Happy memories

Our magnetic boards (we've got a few!) are often so crammed with notes, appointments and 'to do' lists that we have to remind ourselves to declutter, especially at the start of a new year. Recent years have been challenging to say the least, so why not use your magnetic board to remind everyone about the good times? Attach photographs of happy days and as we mention it here's wishing you make lots of happy new memories in 2022.

Red chillies Magnetic Notice Board in a kitchen setting with fridge magnets

We have lots of fun fridge magnet designs to add notes, lists, artwork and photos to your planner. See below for just a few. All our magnets are made from birch plywood which gives them a Scandi feel, and they make lovely little gifts too.

flower power fridge magnet
cactus in a pot fridge magnet
enamel mug fridge magnet
watering can fridge magnet

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