#9 ideas for Coffee Shop Interiors using Magnetic Wall Art Panels

A barista with beard in apron drinking coffee in an artisan coffee shop with a magnetic board menu on the wall

Our big, beautiful, glossy, steel magnetic art panels to help make coffee shops the talk of the town.

Here at Beyond the Fridge we put the art into artisan coffee shops!

We make large magnetic boards that have a dry wipe surface and look just like enamel signs. This makes them perfect for menu boards, notice boards to use with magnets or just as beautiful wall art panels.

Beautiful, glossy, durable surface just like enamel signs

Our boards not only look stunning they have a super hard wearing, scratch resistant surface. And what's more you can write on them too using a special whiteboard marker. Each board is predrilled in the corners and comes with fixings and a choice of black or white screw caps.

Here's some ideas to show you just how versatile our magnetic wall art panels really are.

1. Get creative and upload your own design, photo or logo

You are only limited by your imagination (as they say!). So go ahead and create yourself a truly original magnetic wall art panel for your space. Make something gorgeous that has your customers reaching for their phones to share with their friends and followers.

2. Durable metal art signs for coffee shops on the move

Make your mobile shop or coffee cart stand out from the crowd with a metal art panel or menu. We love the way this cute coffee truck looks festival ready with it's menu board on the side.

3. Make your own DIY 'A' Board

You can make yourself an 'A' Board with a beautiful glossy surface in full colour to bring customers to your door wherever your coffee shop or café is located. Our panels look amazing and are a cost effective way to add a bit of wow factor out on the street. 

4. Vintage advertising signs that look just like the real thing

We all love the old enamel advertising signs with their beautiful designs and illustrations. The good news is that you can have your pick of lots of amazing artwork like the posters above. There are great photo libraries online where you can license retro posters. Our favorite site is www.unsplash.com where all the high resolution image are free to use.

As always, make sure that you have permission to use any images download online. Feel free to contact for advice.

Four magnetic wall art boards with vintage posters printed on them

5. Make a personalised dry wipe menu board

Leave an area in your bespoke design to write on with a dry wipe pen. It could be a specials board, menu, quote of the day or even for your customers to write their own comments. And of course, you can still add notes and photos with magnets.

6. Use quotes to lift spirits and inspire

There's nothing like a good quote (apart from coffee!) to keep you going throughout the day. Make your favourite quotes a permanent fixture with a magnetic board/wall art panel. You could also use glowing customer reviews, lyrics or poems.

7. Use stunning photography of local landmarks and scenery

People love to see beautiful photography of the surrounding area whether they're locals or just passing through. Why not create a gallery wall for extra wow factor?

8. Let your customers leave messages and reviews

We know it's a shame to cover our lovely wall panels up with lots of messages but if they're all compliments about your lovely café of coffee shop and fantastic service, that's fine.

9. Personalise an authentic London Street Sign to put your place on the map

We also make life size London Street Signs using high quality steel so they look just like the real thing. They look fantastic wherever you happen to be. Bloggers won't be able to resist a selfie in front of it!

So there you have, eight great ideas to make your coffee shop the talk of the town using our magnetic, dry wipe wall art panels. If you've got any further suggestions you can let us know in the comments below. 

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