Making plans for a happy and organised new year

gingham cockerel design magnetic board

It's been quite a year and we're not sorry to say goodbye to 2020.

Let's hope that it won't be long before we can start planning to get out and about, see our loved ones and maybe just enjoy the luxury of going for coffee.

Whether you're working from home or trying to organise a chaotic family, a magnetic board is a fun way to get everything shipshape and tidy.

Neat ideas for your kitchen The Kitchen is the hub of any home. It's the ideal place to gather all the essential information like 'to do' lists, appointments, party invitations (we can dream!). And don't forget the non-essential but still important things, like funny photos, motivational quotes, little messages and drawings. We have lots of lovely designs and images that look great in kitchens or of course, you can create your own.

Gingham Cockerel Magnetic Board in Kitchen setting
Gingham Cockerel design large magnetic board
Tidy workspace, tidy mind Your environment makes all the difference to your whole work experience and it's even more crucial now that a lot of us are working from home more often. This photo is an example of our ideal workspace. It's light, bright, organised and it features our plain magnetic board in a calming grey colour way (there are 5 more colours to choose from). As with all our magnetic boards, you can write on the surface with a dry erase pen. And again, we have lots of designs to add a pop of colour to your workspace and make you the envy of your colleagues on Zoom calls.
Plain grey Magnetic Notice Board in a working from home setting
Plain Grey magnetic board

Make homework fun for kids Keep the children entertained and help them learn at the same time with our magnetic boards and fun fridge magnets. We have some great designs for kid's rooms, including this friendly Wise Owl - Times Tables. There's also a Snakes and Ladders Board and magnets in the shape of bugs, speech bubbles, dinosaurs, letters, numbers, plus many more. They're perfect for attaching photographs, artwork, homework schedules and writing messages whilst adding a playful touch.

wise owl times tables design magnetic board in a playroom setting
Wise Owl Times Tables Magnetic Board
snakes and ladders magnetic board with fridge magnets

We have lots of fun fridge magnet designs to add notes, lists, artwork and photos to your planner. See below for just a few. All our magnets are made from birch plywood which gives them a Scandi feel, and they make lovely little gifts too.

flower power fridge magnet
cactus in a pot fridge magnet
enamel mug fridge magnet
watering can fridge magnet

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